We ensure our products meet pharmaceutical-grade standards.

Premium CBD Products From Switzerland
100% Natural & Organic

Every single one of the CBD products included on our site is 100% natural. Additionally we do not allow products on which herbicides and fungicides have actually been utilized. Guaranteeing you a product as mother nature meant.

Swiss Quality Guaranteed

All of the CBD products featured on our site have actually been produced utilizing selectively grown hemp. This ensures not only a high level of CBD but also a product which is remarkably pure.

CBD products
Tested In The Laboratory

We check all of the CBD products on our site for impurities to ensure quality and security. We guarantee that all of the CBD products listed have actually been laboratory checked.

Is CBD legal?

In order for CBD products to be legal in Europe they have to have a THC material of under 0.2%. All of the CBD oils and balms which we recommend on our site are withing the legal limit of THC.

An Introduction To CBD

There are 2 main types of cannabis, hemp and cannabis. Hemp includes more CBD whilst cannabis has more THC.

These exact same chemical compounds are discovered within the body, where they act on the cannabinoid receptors discovered in cells and change the neurotransmitters launched within the brain. This is the system which is responsible for homeostasis within the body – the endocannabinoid system.

Why is homeostasis essential? It helps keep the balance of many different systems, making sure they collaborate in harmony. Such as cravings, body temperature, heart rate and sleep. The brain gets chemical messages which tell it how to control our system. CBD plays a crucial function in this, promoting receptors to either increase or reduce activity as needed. The endocannabinoid system is always working away in the background helping to keep your body regulated. Everyone has had the experience of getting distressed or stressed out. In these circumstances our brain launches extra dopamine in order to assist relax us. This is simply another example of a system which is controlled by our endocannabinoid system.

THC Explained

THC is more widespread in cannabis than in hemp. It has psychoactive properties, otherwise called getting high, which affects the users psyche and alters the cerebral rhythm. THC is unlawful if present at a rate of over 1% in the cannabis flower. For CBD prodcuts the level needs to be under 0.2%.

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